We all know how it goes – Britain is only lucky to get a few weeks a year of truly brilliant weather before it all goes to pot again!  The height of summer in the UK, however, can provide for some long-lasting memories – and there’s nothing quite like hosting a party or a BBQ for your family and friends while the long days and good weather last.  While providing the atmosphere, food and drink is all down to you – and the guests you invite, of course – it also helps to have solid support in the form of a kettle BBQ that sizzles all the usual party staples to perfection.


While it may be tempting to opt for cheap, disposable charcoal BBQ kits, they are notoriously difficult to work with – more often than not, you’ll be looking at frazzling your burgers and sausages to a crisp with barely a second glance!  Investing in a solid, reputable kettle BBQ ensures that you have all the help you need in providing your guests with all the grilled goodies they come to expect from classic British backyard feasts.  One of the best models on the market is the Grillstream Deluxe BBQ kit – currently offered here at Steal a Deal in 47cm and 57cm sizes at a fraction of recommended pricing.


The Grillstream Deluxe is a kettle BBQ tour de force – using patented technology that has even been seen on TV through BBC’s Dragon’s Den, this premium kit is built to provide clean, thorough and efficient cooking that’s easy to clean up from and healthier for everyone.  The Grillstream Deluxe actively filters away fat and oil, ushering in not only healthier BBQ snacks, but also food which is always cooked thoroughly – inside and out.  The team at Grillstream have worked hard to solve a number of BBQ bugbears – from reducing clean-up to ensuring that the days of burned sausages with cold middles are long gone!


The frustrations that face avid BBQers are all too common – which is why the Grillstream Deluxe was actively designed to combat burning, poor cooking and to promote delicious food that’s a little better for you – even on so-called ‘treat days’!


If you are keen to make the most of the last of the great weather we’re experiencing – why not throw a BBQ or party with the Grillstream Deluxe?  At a reduced cost for a limited time, this supreme kettle BBQ is an essential summer entertaining kit which will last the years – and will pay for itself after only a handful of tasty and memorable outdoor parties.  Why not take a closer look at our catalogue and see what you think?

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