Little Live Pets Frog & Lil’ Lily Pad – Swims and hops


The Little Live Pets Lil’ Frog Lilypad Features:

  • Little Live Pets Frog Lilypad
  • The Lil’ Frog Tank comes with its own floating lily pad! Remove the lid and place the lily pad in the water to let your Lil’ Frog go for a hop.
  • Then watch them jump in and go for a swim! It’s the coolest way to take your Lil’ Frog for a hop! Sparkler loves to gaze into the night sky and dream.
  • Looking at the stars always sparks a wild idea in his head.
  • When he hops into the water he can sense it, and she starts to swim around! She is a Little live Pet that loves to get wet!

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